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BOCA Minutes – Member Meeting

February 28, 2022 at 3:33 PM

Location of Meeting:

Virtual (GoToMeeting)

In Attendance:

Rebecca Compton (Dr. Day Care), Tracy Martin-Turgeon (Cadence Academy), Joseph Tomchak (Boys & Girls Club Newport), Charlene Barbieri (Little Learners Academy),

Lisa Hildebrand (RIAEYC), Stephanie Ferreira (BrightStars), Sarah Nardolilo (DHS Licensing/BrightStars),

Rob O’Neil (Newport BGC), Marissa Gallagher (Hope St ELC), Tracy Cheney (Dr. Day Care),

Rosa Ribero, Denise Greene, Tara Rego (Little Scholars), Bethany Harvey, Tracey Brown, Shannon

(note: other members joined/left after 3:35 and were not recorded)

The special meeting of the Business Owners in Childcare Association was called to order at 3:30 PM on 2/28/22 on GoToMeeting by Joe Tomchak



Guest speaker: Lisa Hildebrand, Executive Director Rhode Island Association for the Education of Young Children (RIAEYC)

COVID changes and updates

Discuss upcoming priorities

Update on Lobbying efforts

Updates on memberships

Review future meeting dates & upcoming guest speakers

Meeting Notes:

  • Members went around and introduced themselves
  • Lisa Hildebrand presentation
    • Went over what they have been working on “behind the scenes”
    • 2021 Updated Governance Structure – review of standards
      • BrightStars Advisory Committee
      • Process to request changes to BrightStars – new review process
    • 2 proposals that recently went were submitted by child care programs that went through this revision process:
      • Standard 4: Require 50% of teachers to meet formal education requirements (at 3, 4, 5 star level) – was 75%. TEMPORARY change, will be reviewed in 2024. Doesn’t impact school age or family child care providers. Will release this into the community soon.
      • Standard 5: allow programs to combine qualifications for program leadership. Program Admin OR Ed. Coordinator can meet formal education requirements. At Level 4 or 5.
    • Advisory committee meets quarterly. Will meet again this spring. Can submit proposals online.
    • Stephanie Ferreira: Additional BrightStars Support for ERS: LearnERS
      • Job-embedded online professional development
      • Went over new professional development for teachers
      • Criteria to be eligible: programs that meet DHS licensing regulations, rated 2-3 stars in BrightStars (1 star if they commit to 3 stars), 4-5 star if demonstrate inability to maintain that quality rating
    • Question from Joe: tiered rating system vs. an average rating system. Suggestion: submit proposal for changes. Recommended to show which areas are low scoring, what standard is holding centers back.
    • Question from Tracy Martin: education vs experience. Sarah: that’s the reasoning for lowering the education requirement from 75% to 50%. Lisa: movement in higher ed. on competency-based credentialling
    • Question from Joe: staffing – lots of transition/new staff, is it possible to set up a meeting prior to starting process. Stephanie: yes, navigator can help or can go through a practice ERS
  • COVID changes and updates – changes in playbook are still not updated
    • Nicole is aware of it
    • CDC changes on Friday, email from DHS still doesn’t quite align with Playbook
    • BOCA sent a letter to the Governor regarding test-and-stay
  • Upcoming priorities:
    • Staffing a priority for most centers
      • Skills for RI will be coming to March or April meeting
    • Tara Rego: suggestions on Preschool grants to increase your playground? Tracy Martin: suggested LISC (Erin Cox), another member suggested Cedar Works

Next meeting:

3/28/22 for Members

Minutes submitted by Rebecca Compton