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May 17, 2021 Board Meeting

Location of Meeting:

Via Go to Meeting / zoom


Rebecca Compton, Charlene Barbieri, Nancy Beye, Tracy Martin-Turgeon, Amy Vogel

Absent Joseph Tomchak

The regular meeting of the Childcare Association of BOCA was called to order at 3:36 PM on May 18,2021 on Go to Meeting by Rebecca Compton

                                                  I Approval of Agenda       

                                           II. Review of Previous Minutes

                                           III. Consideration of Open Issues

  1. Rebecca brought up the post card that needs to be sent to all Senators and State Representatives approving bills for childcare.

We discussed that it would be too expensive to make 5-10 k in postcards and we can still make an impact sending this out in multiple emails. We will send a few through snail mail.  Once received email we will forward to center directors to forward. Taking out Rebecca’s name and then having our directors do the same so it does not look like we just kept sending from the same person.

  • Amy talked about adding a link that pops up your senator to address. Also discussed was for who will attend and is not permitted to attend BOCA meetings. Chamber uses this format.
  • Charlene will be looking into having her CPA accountant give us some feed back on how to handle the monies coming in for BOCA and what that looks like gong forward. He is a little tied up now with yearend, but she will reach out.
  • Going forward starting in June you will need to be a member to attend meetings. We will have the registration from June to June.
  • Amy reaching out to Nicole to see if she will join our June 14th meeting to discuss letting parents in the building, summer, and playbook updates.  In addition, we are going to ask Marinel Russo Manager of ECE initiatives to join us to discuss the new infant/ toddler program with CDA that will be going into place.
  • Meeting dates.

June 14, 333 public with guest speakers

July 19th board meeting.

Aug 23 public. We will have additional guest speaker and pick new dates.

  • Celia Blue will be the interim DHS director taking Courtney Hawkins place as they look to fill this seat.
  • Tracy Martin motioned to have Amy Vogel to take Maryann Shallcross Smith spot as the legislation liaison. Nancy Beye second the motion.

                                       IV. Agenda and Time of Next Meeting

 The next meeting will be held on Go to Meeting on June 14 at 3:33 PM

Minutes submitted by Tracy Martin-Turgeon

The agenda for the next meeting is as follows:

  • Nicole Chielio pending
  • Marinel Russo pending
  • Presidents Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Updates on memberships
  • Updates on Lobbyist payments due