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BOCA minutes – member meeting 3/27/23

BOCA Minutes – Member Meeting

March 27, 2023 at 3:33 PM

Location of Meeting:

Hybrid In Person / Virtual (GoToMeeting): (recording expires 4/27/23)

In Attendance:

Joseph Tomchak Boys & Girls Club Newport
Rebecca Compton Dr. Day Care
Tracy Martin-Turgeon Cadence Academy
Amy Vogel Dr. Day Care

Becky Madden Acorn Academy
Susan Rachette Kinderdance
Andrea Engle YMCA Pawtucket
Cheryl Tella The Learning Journey

Meeting began at 3:38pm


Guest Speaker Claire Kokoska, RISE Engineering: implementing cost saving energy measures and available incentives

Next steps for grant – are members interested in pursuing further?

Early Childhood job fair with SkillsRI update

BOCA Board Member – opening

Legislative and lobbyist updates

Upcoming meetings:

  • April 24, 2023
  • May 22, 2023
  • June 26, 2023 – in person

Meeting Notes:

  • Members introduced themselves
  • Claire spoke about RISE Engineering
    • RISE has done home energy audits
    • Lately big push is energy efficiency for businesses, incentives available for child care employees
    • Has slides with more details – will be sent to members
    • Energy upgrades – HVAC upgrades, ventilation, air flow, air quality, solar, battery storage, lighting
      • Child care centers: making sure temps where children are playing are right temp, more stringent than a typical building
      • If older lights, there are more efficient options, give off less heat, etc.
      • EV charging stations, weatherization, building controls
      • Automations available, gather data on energy/electricity usage
    • Work through RI Energy programs, first initial audit is usually free, to determine potential savings, what upgrades there are to reduce long term costs
    • If you go with “stretch codes” instead of just meeting minimums, it can help you stay in compliance longer
    • Portable/not permanent upgrades are also available (ie businesses that rent their space)
    • Can go over incentives & grants available, state rebates, utility rebates
    • RISE was selected to give out $10,000 to small businesses & nonprofits ($1 million or less) towards indoor air quality upgrades
    • See the slides for more information
  • Joe went over survey results summary & next steps for grant:
    • We can’t compete with wages elsewhere
    • People are leaving the industry
    • We have the data now, so we can go to DLT to determine a solution
    • Next stage is funding for pilot project
    • Proposal to submit would entail a Real Jobs RI application, CCRI, Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs – person goes through training and then after, you have access to extra funding. Intention is to, long-term, you have skilled employee who has a more equitable wage, better aligned with your actual needs
    • Pilot would only be available to BOCA members the first year – ie, you have up to 2 people work for you that go through the program, you get $10,000, give feedback
    • CCRI already has TA training for RIDE and an ECE field program that is well received
    • DLT has an incumbent workers program already, this could be a minor change to benefit us. Tracy said they had a similar program in the past
    • Concern is that people are not going into the field, still worried we won’t find the people to enter this program
    • Another concern is keeping them, after it’s done – would they still go to schools? Maybe stipulation for them to stay, similar to TEACH
    • Can it be possible to make a pathway/room for them to grow? IE – hit certain measures, you’re eligible for xyz goal
    • Could be a hybrid model. They leave with a credential. 40 hours of training.
    • Acorn Academy, YMCA Pawtucket, Kinderdance would be interested
    • Recruitment – that’s why partnering with Real Jobs RI / Skills RI – they’re responsible for committing to finding people
    • Grant proposal must be finished by end of June
  • Early Childhood Job Fair – board is doing a pilot to see how this job fair would work and what next steps are for next job fair
    • See how it works and then scale up
    • See what the demand is from the employees
    • Hybrid/virtual/in person? What works better
  • BOCA member opening – please come forward if you want to sit on the board. Now is a good time! Let us know your focus and what role would work best
    • Put out an interest form in next email
  • Amy went over bills that have been proposed that could effect child care businesses
    • Kids Connect / mental health
    • Attorney General – trying to keep child care employee fingerprints to be free (have been free due to COVID)
    • Expand eligibility for families to get CCAP, tiered reimbursement rates increased

Next meeting:

April 24, 2023

May 22, 2023

June 26, 2023 – in person

Minutes submitted by Rebecca Compton