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BOCA minutes – member meeting 4/24/23

BOCA Minutes – Member Meeting

April 24, 2023 at 3:33 PM

Location of Meeting:

Virtual (GoToMeeting):

In Attendance:

Joseph Tomchak Boys & Girls Club Newport
Tracy Martin-Turgeon Cadence Academy
Amy Vogel Dr. Day Care

Meeting came to order at 3:35pm

Meeting Notes:

  • Rick McAuliffe from Mayforth Group gave an overview of bills and legislation.
  • RI is in a good place right now vs other states such as California which is in a severe deficit. There are roughly 2000 bills currently in place, this consists of childcare, environment, animal protection, health care etc.  The Speaker’s goal is to hear every bill. There have been some delays with Godwin passing and sickness. Looking to get back on track.
  • The goal is to figure out where the revenue is in the state, taxes, CCAP, Medicare, long term care, etc. and decide what we have to spend. Rick feels we are not in bad shape, but still need to see where we are ahead or behind the Governor’s budget. June 9th is the target date to be completed before recess.
  • The governor’s focus is Education 365, his attempt on getting the states scores up in math and reading.  Looking at 50mil federal funds to have programs that help students’ afterschool.
  • Tracy M. Asked how will this work? Will there be an RFP? (This may hurt childcare if this money goes to the public) Something we need to pay close attention to.  He did mention they are looking at boys’ and girls’ clubs and other programs.
  • Kayno benchmarks, hire new talent in the industry, childcare, subsidies, compensation for employees, Bright Stars system regulations need to change but is put on hold.
  • Joe Tomchak Skills update: Amy talked about that there was not enough in person interest for the job fair only 4 looking at virtual job fair on 8.823.
  • Joe- Looking at CCRI requirements similar to CDA. This will be identified through BOCA. Internship after one year, will get professional development, pays scale. Joe asked if anyone had a good experience with CDA.
  • Cheryl Tella said there was a lot of validity with CCRI liked it and had very little concern.
  • Joe added that they would get a certificate to work anywhere. Thinks this will be a great addition and stay tuned for more information.
  • Amy V- Spoke about a position is available at BOCA if you are interested in joining the board to please reach out through the BOCA email.
  • Kim S spoke about Therapeutic Child Care Services.Dr. Day Care has about 6-7 sites – Referral for observation is placed.
  • They will come out and do observation, send referral for one-on-one assistance.
  • State medical insurance is accepted.
  • Once a week strategy for teachers as well modifications to help.
  • Kim said to reach out if interested or would like more information.
  • Playground was brought up – Amy discussed that John LaRue will be at our June meeting to discuss playgrounds and answer any questions members may have.
  • Next Meeting:
  • Joe went over survey results summary & next steps for grant:
    • We can’t compete with wages elsewhere
    • People are leaving the industry
    • We have the data now, so we can go to DLT to determine a solution
    • Next stage is funding for pilot project
    • Proposal to submit would entail a Real Jobs RI application, CCRI, Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs – person goes through training and then after, you have access to extra funding. Intention is to, long-term, you have skilled employee who has a more equitable wage, better aligned with your actual needs
    • Pilot would only be available to BOCA members the first year – ie, you have up to 2 people work for you that go through the program, you get $10,000, give feedback
    • CCRI already has TA training for RIDE and an ECE field program that is well received
    • DLT has an incumbent workers program already, this could be a minor change to benefit us. Tracy said they had a similar program in the past
    • Concern is that people are not going into the field, still worried we won’t find the people to enter this program
    • Another concern is keeping them, after it’s done – would they still go to schools? Maybe stipulation for them to stay, similar to TEACH
    • Can it be possible to make a pathway/room for them to grow? IE – hit certain measures, you’re eligible for xyz goal
    • Could be a hybrid model. They leave with a credential. 40 hours of training.
    • Acorn Academy, YMCA Pawtucket, Kinderdance would be interested
    • Recruitment – that’s why partnering with Real Jobs RI / Skills RI – they’re responsible for committing to finding people
    • Grant proposal must be finished by end of June
  • Early Childhood Job Fair – board is doing a pilot to see how this job fair would work and what next steps are for next job fair
    • See how it works and then scale up
    • See what the demand is from the employees
    • Hybrid/virtual/in person? What works better
  • BOCA member opening – please come forward if you want to sit on the board. Now is a good time! Let us know your focus and what role would work best
    • Put out an interest form in next email
  • Amy went over bills that have been proposed that could effect child care businesses
    • Kids Connect / mental health
    • Attorney General – trying to keep child care employee fingerprints to be free (have been free due to COVID)
    • Expand eligibility for families to get CCAP, tiered reimbursement rates increased

Next meeting:

May 22, 2023

June 26, 2023 – in person

Minutes submitted by Tracy Martin-Turgeon